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How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Jan 21, 2016

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The main reason for snoring is the obstruction of breathing due to narrowing of nasal air passage. And this can be caused by many different reasons. For example, over eating, poor health; eating just before sleep; sleeping position, nasal allergies, poor lifestyle habits and more.

Several anti snoring aids are available in market today some of which claim to eradicate snoring permanently while some offer temporary relief. However, unless you wish to spend a lot of money for trying out these so-called solutions you must learn about the natural remedies and try these first. Natural treatment has no side effect and tends to show more permanent results.

What to do and what not to do

The first step of treatment is to diagnose the main cause of the problem. Learn more about the causes of snoring to better understand your condition. Also, it is recommended to get your snoring problem diagnosed by a professional before starting your home remedies.

1. Tongue and Jaw Exercises

Snoring can be reduced and sometimes fully cured by regularly practicing some of the tongue and jaw exercises. This is because snoring is commonly caused by obstruction in breathing. Routinely practicing these exercises can eliminate the trouble most effectively and for a long period of time. These exercises can be performed immediately before going to bed each day for a healthy sleep.

2. Do not sleep on your back -

Sleeping on your side, preferably the left side can effectively reduce snoring to great extent. This is because while sleeping on your back your jaw or your soft tongue muscles fall backwards due to gravitational pull which is the most common cause of snoring in many people. While sleeping on your left side the air passage in your throat opens and allows smooth breathing movements.

3. Follow a proper routine of sleeping

Our body works better and stays healthy when we get into a proper routine of working and sleeping. This has a direct effect on our breathing patterns as our body gets used to of executing defined activities every day under same circumstances. Getting into a bedtime routine helps us further in relaxing our body while sleeping, and therefore reduced snoring problems. Within few days of practicing a well planned work and sleep routine will allow you to fall asleep on time without any struggle.

4. Avoid eating junk before bed

Do not take heavy meals, alcohol and tobacco just before the bedtime. These can increase or initiate snoring problem in adults by increasing heart rate that can disturb your breathing pattern. You can avoid falling for such snoring problems simply by keeping a gap of 2-3 hours between your heavy meals/alcohol and sleep.

Try out some natural remedies before spending on expensive anti snoring devices and medication. These simple treatments can treat the problem for a very long time or sometimes even cure it completely.

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