Good morning snore solution

This device works differently from other more commonly found mouthpieces. It stops snoring by holding the tongue forward in a comfortable position, preventing it from falling backwards. Categorized as Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD), this device uses a simple suction technique to pull the tip of the tongue forward and holds it there during sleep.

This unique design also addresses the common complaint of bulky mouthpieces like irritation and jaw pain. It is a light weight silicon device that fits comfortably on the outside of teeth and gums even if the user is wearing braces.

  • GMSS is a unique snoring solution cleared by US, Australian, Canadian health advisory and so is safe to use.
  • It also offers a money back guarantee of 30 days unlike most of the popular mouthpieces available in the market.
  • Made of soft BPA free material, this device is very comfortable to wear and is easy on gums unlike many other anti snoring mouthpieces.

A truly unique device that is fully customizable. It is the only anti snoring mouthpiece that can be adjusted without using any tools. Once molded, the settings can be adjusted until the snoring stops. The new updated version of the mouthpiece is more compact and comfortable in use than ever before.

Most anti snoring devices move the jaw forward to a position that is not always comfortable or effective. SnoreRx allows the forward adjustments up to 10mm which is nearly half. The manufacturer recommends to begin using the device in the setting range '4mm-5mm' before making any final adjustments for a more comfortable fit.

  • The device has got a '1 mm' micro-adjustment ratcheting system making it the most customizable mouthpiece of all.
  • It has a larger breather hole that allows a very easy air movement through mouth in case of nausea, cold or allergies.
  • SnoreRx is endorsed by medical professionals and is cleared by FDA as a class II medical device.
  • The device is made in the USA from BPA free, hypoallergenic material and has a lifetime of 12-15 months.
  • Also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee like most of the other anti snoring mouthpieces.